The Metal Podcast Episode #10 – Mina Caputo

Mina Caputo‘s perspective on the world defies the conventional for so many reasons we had to bring her to the podcast and learn a few things. We go in depth about her journey with Life of Agony, her experiences past and present that shape her world view, what make her scared in life, how her personality was shaped by an abusive family member after the loss of her mother at an early age, where her philosophy on life and music comes from and how she uses all of these experiences and channels it into her music.

We discuss Wintersun crowd funding to build themselves a “headquarters” for recording, rehearsing and whatever else you do in an official HQ, but we really talk about the differences between the attitude metal bloggers have taken toward the way the band is trying to use their funds. It seems like American blogs scoff at the idea that they have come up with and were truly surprised when the fans came through in less than a weekend’s time to fulfill their first goals.
Another new Episode of TMP!

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