The Metal Podcast Episode #11 – Chris Barnes

Chris Barnes, legendary death metal vocalist, guests this week on the podcast and in our in depth interview we talk about the new record from Six Feet Under, Torment, we discuss some of his history and perspective on the genre and his former projects, his experiences with violence regarding his lyrical content, the reunification of Jack Owen in the band, what he means to him as a person and friend, his position a counselor to some death metal elite, his tweeting and then bring it down with questions about an old friend who passed away many years ago.

We also talk about his tweet about what appeared to be Suicide Silence and possible collusion on Liquid Metal to retain the top spot on their request show. What does that mean in the world of satellite radio, should we as fans be concerned? The record sales for their latest album are down 70% from records in their past, we talk about what it means to be a fan of a band, does it mean you are a fair weather fan if you refuse to buy an album you don’t like? Are you contributing to something you don’t want to happen if you do? Is there such a thing as a ‘true’ fan anymore anyway?


Six Feet Under – Exploratory Homicide

Another new Episode of TMP!

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