The Metal Podcast Episode #12 – Anaal Nathrakh

Dave “VITRIOL” Hunt, vocalist of Anaal Nathrakh guests with us this week, and in our wide ranging conversation we talk about art influencing morality, how society shapes the way we view art and vice versa, what that means for people who create, whether or not it is important to take society into consideration when creating art, the bands unconventional experiences with the way they produce and perform their material, how the relationship between himself and Mick “Irrumator” Kenney makes for a stable band, their growth as a band and how long it will take him to finally earn his PHD, yes, his PHD.

We invite Howard “H” Smith from the Talking Bollocks podcast and Acid Reign fame to discuss whether or not Judas Priest is a metal band, since apparently Brent Hinds of Mastodon does not think so. We discuss Rob Halford’s self-declared Metal God status and try to decide what is really in a name. Also Chuck got his results back from and found out some interesting things that may lead to finding more about his history than ever before.


Anaal Nathrakh – We Will Fucking Kill You

Acid Reign – The Man Who Became Himself

Another new Episode of TMP!

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