The Metal Podcast Episode #13 – Mike Hranica

Mike Hranica, lead singer of The Devil Wears Prada, guests this week and our conversation starts with how the band has grown and matured into something entirely different than where they began. We discuss how that growth affects his relationship with their older material, his views on the world, how he approaches writing new material. We dive into their messaging as a band, who originally labeled a Christian metal band, but how that doesn’t really fit the mold as he has grown and experienced more, changing views on morality and what being a Christian really means in 2017, whether or not then rest of the band agrees with the way he sees the world and more.

We dive deeper into Chuck’s adoption and DNA situation, the story is unfolding as we recorded this week’s episode. Also we ponder why so many people seem obsessed with Ghost. No matter what you think of their music, their style or gimmick, why do so many people seem to care about who is under the masks? Why does it really even matter, if you enjoy the shtick, shouldn’t you just kick back and not worry about who is making the music other than the characters portrayed to the public?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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