The Metal Podcast Episode #14 – Within the Ruins

Tim Goergen, lead singer of Within the Ruins, guests this week. We catch him in the midst of a ton of interviews for their new record Halfway Human and do our best to keep things interesting during our conversation. We talk about his job outside of the band, how it might not be feasible for the band to continue with the way things are going if they don’t sell records, what his outlook for the band really looks like, his approach to the adjustment in style and how it differs from other bands who have ‘grown’ faster than others, why their bassist left the band and why he values not having a family yet and whether that’s in the cards in the future with his semi-famous girlfriend.

Chuck gives us another update on the continuing drama surrounding his adoption and finding out who his biological parents and family really are. He was about to talk to his half-sister for the first time ever after the last episode, we find out what happens next. Also, Metal Hammer announced their nominations for their Golden God awards, and it is surprisingly decent. They don’t really nod to the establishment very much and choose some legitimately good acts for their picks this year. Well, you can be the judge of that?


Within the Ruins – Beautiful Agony

Another new Episode of TMP!

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