The Metal Podcast Episode #15 – Joey Belladonna

Joey Belladonna, lead singer of the mighty Anthrax guests on the podcast this week, and in our wide-ranging discussion we talk about his love of classic rock, his ability to not only love it, but also sing it, in Anthrax, but also in his cover band, we discuss how he felt coming into the band and exiting and then entering again, their current state and the relationships he has with the rest of the band, what it would mean to be inducted to the Rock Hall of Fame, and if he’d even get a chance to speak, if he is happy with where the band currently stands, musically, professionally and emotionally. To be clear, in our eyes there can be only one singer for Anthrax and Belladonna is that man!

We talk about Metallica/Gaga and Korn/Trujillo (the 12yr old version) and what those pairings actually mean for metal. The usage of gimmicks, trick plays and celebrities to try and enhance your bands standing, whether that means trying to make more money, get more market share or maybe just open a tour with Metallica, are these things worth compromising your music? Is it a compromise when it might help expose your art to a wider audience, or is it really the definition of modern day ‘selling out?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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