The Metal Podcast Episode #16 – Ghost Bath

Dennis Mikula mastermind behind the band Ghost Bath guests this week on the podcast and in our conversation we examine his ‘fake’ origin story that got his band notoriety when he first started out, what that did to the metal scene (or at least some of the people who wanted to claim the story for themselves), being introverted in a very extroverted business, how he feels more at home writing music and stories than doing almost anything else, not knowing how to relate to others as a result, and growing up an Air Force kid and having a biker dad.

We also cover the recent announcement BabyMetal made about their upcoming shows where there will be segregated audiences, some male only, some female only, some creepy grandpa and kids only and of course several nights requiring corpse paint. Has corpse paint jumped the shark? Is yet another attrition of the Black Metal aesthetic ruining metal as we know it? And what kind of fans will obey the commands of pubescent teenagers?

Also, for those following along at home, Chuck gets back to the story of finding his biological parents and family, we left the story talking to his half-sister and finding out about his siblings in the first ever phone call with his blood relatives, and this week we talk about his call to his birth mother and what it was like to talk to her for the first time in his life!

Another new Episode of TMP!

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