The Metal Podcast Episode #17 – Northlane

Josh Smith, guitarist of Aussie band Northlane guests with us this week, their new album Mesmer is out in stores and there has been much for people to talk about with its ‘secret’ release, not publicizing the new record ahead of the drop date created a topic of conversation about how records are promoted and released, he stands by how they decided to do it, and claims that the metal media have it wrong. Our conversation goes all over with their new album being more introspective than any of their other albums, how the process of making the record revealed rifts within the band and exposed interesting things about how they relate with one another and incidents surrounding them, their past and ultimately their future.

We also dive into the recent revelation for Alyssa White-Gluz about her ouster from The Agonist and entry into Arch Enemy, it would seem that the way it had been portrayed on the outside was not entirely truthful. Whether her version of the story is revisionist, or the Agonists version is correct, what appeared to be the best transition in metal history may have actually been fraught with drama.

Another new Episode of TMP!

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