The Metal Podcast Episode #18 – Phil Labonte

Phil Labonte, the outspoken lead singer of All That Remains, guests this week on The Metal Podcast, whether you like it or not, we talk politics, his views are very different than many people in the entertainment industry, he take on the establishment, government taking over our lives, SJWs calling him out for using words they don’t like, his thoughts on the state of education in America, how his contrarian personality has gotten him into trouble and how none of that matters to him, we even take a dive into the scuffle he has had with our former employer and other bloggers who seem to not only disagree with his politics, but also hate his music and how that doesn’t really matter to him at all.

Also on the topic list, rerecording classic albums; Megadeth (Dave Mustaine really) hinted at a possible redubbing of the classic record Killing is My Business? Should bands do this sort of thing? Ozzy got in a dust up about it fifteen years ago and later pulled went back to the old musicians, albums have been remastered to sound modern, changing their sound in drastic ways compared to 30 year old methods. Is it wrong to try and erase history? Does it really make it better? In a digital world, do subtle differences matter to the average listener?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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