The Metal Podcast Episode #19 – Miss May I

Levi Benton, lead singer of metalcore mainstay Miss May I, guests this week just as their latest US tour is about to begin. Miss May I battled some extreme situations to get to where they are today, in our conversation we talk about the core issue that plagued them for much of their career, how that changed the dynamics of interaction within the band, added extra stress to the early life of their career, brought about inner turmoil, but eventually lead to where they are today, ready to take on the world again with one of their best albums to date about to debut. We discuss what made him feel disconnected from much of their music, facing down the real prospect they had made bad decisions, what that meant to his band and family and how his Mom is much more metal than him.

When a band decides to release a song and video on Pornhub, you know we are going to talk about it. King 810, no matter what you think of their music, breaks new ground with a full on porn infused video for their latest single off their 2016 album, and Chuck was forced to watch the entire video. It was tough, naked women, naked men, David Gunn spitting rhymes, I mean tough to deal with, but for you guys it had to be done. Is it a good thing for bands to branch out where they release their videos? Would this video have landed anywhere other than a porn site due to its content? Is this good for metal? Or porn?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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