The Metal Podcast Episode #2

So as we are getting our feet under us with this new day of podcasting, we have our guests on hold for the time being. We have some great ones coming, but we had stuff to talk about and had to put it out here for the new year!

Corey Taylor getting called out on twitter for being a hipocrite, and his response was one of THE best things to happen this week. The guy knew that he’d been cornered and had the best response to a fans legit question about cell phones, but we also wonder if there should or is a hard fast rule to follow regarding live shows and your distractions.

Also, Dave Mustaine came out with more details on the Glamcamp he has set for March, the Megadeth experience at his old home in California, the VIP treatment at the low cost of $6k, would you? Should he? We think he might have ulterior motives.

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