The Metal Podcast Episode #21 – Sen Dog

Senen “Sen Dog” Reyes of Cypress Hill fame guests this week on the podcast, his new metal project Powerflo debuts their first album in June and we had a chance to pick his brain about his long career with Cypress Hill, the transition from an act that dominated the alternative scene in the 90s to a brand new band struggling to make a name for itself, the state of hip hop and metal in 2017, his relationship with metal over the years, how being a Cuban immigrant effects his thinking for himself and how he views his family, what that means in present day USA, when he will enter the cannabis game with his own products and he tells us some stories about that weird drummer guy he grew up with Dave Lombardo.

We talk about selling out and how we are primed and ready for Chester Bennigton to punch us in the face for calling them sell outs. In the present day music industry, being a sellout means something completely different than it did just a decade ago, or does it? If nothing is really selling, then how can you be a sellout? The goal of every band is to get their music in front of people and have their profile grow so their art can be consumed by a bigger audience, so wouldn’t selling out be a good thing if your art was exposed to more people? We just want to get punched by a millionaire so we can be millionaires too.

Another new Episode of TMP!

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