The Metal Podcast Episode #22 – Zeal & Ardor

Manuel Gagneux, the mastermind behind Zeal & Ardor guests this week, and we try to keep Godless from peeing his pants during the interview. Godless has been a fan ever since discovering the band on Bandcamp over a year ago, including them in his year end lists and gushing about the way they approached the genre defying sound. So apart from fawning over how awesome he is, we were able to ask a few questions about his history with music, growing up and growing into the styles he is featuring, whether Satanism drive him or if it is a tool to operate within his music, what he thinks about people saying he appropriated slave culture into his music, and where this ‘silly’ project (at least when he started) turned into something more and whether or not he has it in him to follow this path further.

We also ask ourselves what makes a good promotional photo shoot for a band? Metal media quickly judges poor choices when it comes to lousy photos, we have to look at them all when you send us your promos, and nothing is ever cool?well until you see something cool. So how can a band do something bad ass with their pics instead of going out to the railroad tracks, or at that graffiti wall under the bridge, or in front of a brick wall? It is a question that has lingered longer than time itself, and may never be truly answered, oh wait, we totally answered it.

Another new Episode of TMP!

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