The Metal Podcast Episode #24 – Bruce Corbitt

Bruce Corbitt, legendary front man for Texas thrashers Rigor Mortis and most recently Warbeast guests this week on the podcast. Forced to retire from his love of singing just a few short weeks ago, we were able to talk with him about his diagnosis that led to his final performance. In just a few short years the tragedy he has endured would break any mere mortal, but he has stood strong in the face of death, after the passing of his guitarist Mike Scaccia mid performance, the recent passing of his father, his diagnosis less than a year ago of Coronary Artery Disease and what looked to many as a terminal diagnosis just weeks ago of Esophageal Cancer and a ruptured tumor. We talk about his outlook on life, his current condition, what his hopes for the future look like, what keeps him on his feet, and he speaks honestly about his chances of survival and what it means to have so many people join together to try and help him overcome this illness. We even get a brand new Warbeast song, whose last album comes out in a few weeks and will help benefit his treatment fund. (plus more links to help out too below!)

If that isn’t enough crying for one episode, Chuck gives us the story of meeting his biological family for the first time. Fresh, sort of, from the trip home to visit he attempts to describe what the feeling was like to meet his bio-mom for the first time. Plus we talk ticket prices, how much is too much when it comes to paying for a concert? $50? $100? $150? Rolling Stone outlined what it takes to put on a Metallica tour in a recent article, no wonder their tickets cost $100, but is it worth it?

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