The Metal Podcast Episode #25 – Best of 2017 (so far)

Best Metal of 2017? We know for sure that no matter what or who you read or listen to, our lists will dominate all other lists that even think about existing in list form. In fact when you listen to our lists, they are so perfect that you may become stupefied with delight over all of the tunage that you didn’t even know existed yet. Actually, it’s the 4th of July holiday week and we like to drop a nugget of music every year to gauge where we stand so far with regard to metal records. There are many of note, and we differ on several on the lists for sure. We give you our rationale for our picks and more information about the bands and all that this week. You can check out the FULL albums on the included Spotify links below, and listen along as we are talking about the latest and greatest metal of the year!

Best Albums of 2017 ? By Godless

Best Metal Albums of 2017 ? By Chuck

Another new Episode of TMP!

1 thought on “The Metal Podcast Episode #25 – Best of 2017 (so far)”

  1. 2017 has been pretty light in terms of decent metal releases, however, I feel like so much came out last year that this year was always going to struggle… some album’s I feel you ‘missed’ from your lists were:
    – Persefone: Aathma
    – Battle Beast: Bringer of Pain
    – Ayreon: The Source
    – Blood Command: Cult Drugs

    And how ’bout that new Decapitated album… sounds solid to me, got to be a contender for the end of year list

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