The Metal Podcast Episode #26 – Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe guests this week on the podcast, her dark and brooding style has garnered her critical acclaim both in the real world and in metal circles, she has collaborated with some fantastic metal artists through the years, but been rather shy in the media. Relatively shrouded, much like her music, yet in our conversation forthcoming about so many topics relating to her musical style, how she crafts her art, what it means to define the works, her go to karaoke songs, her battle with sleep paralysis and anxiety, plus how she was ultimately denied a song on a popular TV series that ended up being a favorite on the album Abyss.

We also talk about Godless’ battle with jobs, his disdain for authority versus a need to earn a paycheck, which ultimately finds its way to bathroom humor, sort of, it’s a medical condition really. We explore the recent controversy with the Warped Tour, Safer Scenes and The Dickies, misogyny in the heavy music scene is something of a hot button the last few years and the scene made by the Dickies front man at one of the Warped Tour stops has it under the microscope again. Nothing like a couple of elderly, straight, white men to help figure out the problems of the under-served in the metal world, am I right?

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