The Metal Podcast Episode #27 – Emil Werstler

Emil Werstler guests this week, you may know him from Daath, or maybe even his time with Chimaira, but you are about to find out what he is really about. His Indiegogo campaign supporting his new artistic endeavor Verlorener nearing completion, we get to talk with him about the state of the industry, why he has not really felt like himself creatively in many situations, his coping techniques for the average touring adventure, why he gave all of that up, whether or not it was worth it to do so, plus we talk at length on how to string a nine string guitar (not really). Emil offers us a taste of the work that lurks behind this project and let’s just say it may not be what you or anyone else expects, from the sound of it the only one expecting it? Emil and even then, he thinks this could be career suicide, and who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

Chuck leaves for Disney World this week to douse himself in wholesome goodness with the mouse, Godless finds his inner chi at the gym and we try and figure out how to best get your music on the radio in 2017. Taking an axe to the studio and trying to force them to play your favorite band is not the way we’d suggest, but that dude really wanted to hear Insane Clown Posse on the Kiss FM. Is there really a way to gain access for your band or any other to the mass medium of radio? Is that where you go to begin a career now as a musician? Or is radio obsolete? Finding the keys to the kingdom seem to be even more difficult with increased competition, and scattered audiences, what will win in the future? Of course this podcast holds those answers and more!


Another new Episode of TMP!

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