The Metal Podcast Episode #28 – Brendon Small

Brendon Small, creator of Home Movies, Dethklok, Metalocalypse and a host of other pioneering projects guests this week on the podcast. We talk about the new Galaktikon record, the loss of his flagship metal outlet on Adult Swim, we try an stay away from specifics about the AS drop of the show, but rather talk about what that means in the scheme of the entertainment business, his approach toward creative output and his determination to do something outside the norm of what most musicians might do, loving the act of playing guitar, directing a video for Soundgarden and so much more.

You get the full skinny on Chuck’s approach to vacationing at Disney World, and whether or not his best friend and his family survived a week at the Happiest Place on Earth with the metal guru himself at the helm. Plus Godless ponders what Kerry King will do when Tom Araya decides to finally quit Slayer once and for all. Will he find someone to fill in and keep calling it Slayer? Maybe he could get a hologram to fill in on certain nights, or maybe they could just do show in Virtual Reality from now on, not for the audience, but the band on stage!

Another new Episode of TMP!

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