The Metal Podcast Episode #29 – Cory Brandan Putman

Cory Brandan Putman guests on the podcast this week, you may know him from Norma Jean, or one his other many side projects, but his latest adventure begins this week with a brand new band featuring members of Every Time I Die and Dead & Divine, Hundred Suns. Their debut album comes out Friday, and we get to talk about embarking on a brand new band tour at 40, chasing the dream, success and what that looks like, leading your family by example and following those dreams and what that cost him. We go in depth about his family, and the struggle to be a single dad in a touring band, his grown children and how they see him now, the depression he felt as heartbreak and agony tried to interrupt his life, how he overcame it and what lessons we all can learn from other people.

Chuck and Godless talk about death the rest of the episode, Chuck has two funerals to go to this weekend and that seems to be making him think more introspectively about his own mortality, and people profiting from Chester Bennigton’s death. Some enterprising funeral attendees were scalping the items given out at his funeral on eBay and the internet went crazy, but remember last week metal internet?  You were talking shit about his band, so who is really profiting from his death? And should you have expected people to do exactly what they did with those items?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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