The Metal Podcast Episode #30 – Volumes

Myke Terry new vocalist for Volumes is our guest this week, he may not be that new, but his first record with the band debuted a couple months ago, Different Animals continues what the band became known for producing, but expanded upon it even further. Myke’s storied history as a solo artist and the former lead singer of Bury Your Dead seemed like a great place to begin our conversation, but we dove much deeper into who he really is as a person, musician and artist. His move from the a small town to Los Angeles left his with a broken heart, but opened up so much for him career wise and created a whole new narrative for him as he grew into role with the band and found his footing in the big city. Battling depression and loneliness, second guessing decisions, falling from the straight edge, even being attacked by the paranormal changed who he was, but laid out a path from which he will never regret.

Chuck also had two funerals last weekend and the brush with mortality left his questioning quite a bit on the last episode, but now after experiencing two opposite ends of laying loved ones to rest, he wonders what his funeral will look like. Scripture and psalms or Metal and Star Wars? Plus we talk about new band members being excluded from writing for the new bands, Michael Amott claimed in a recent interview he wanted to ensure the sound of Arch Enemy, so Jeff Loomis didn’t really write much of the new record, which seems wrong when you have so much talent to work with, why wouldn’t you use it? Can a musician write in the style of the band he/she joins?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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