The Metal Podcast Episode #31 – The Contortionist

Mike Lessard the lead singer of The Contortionist joins us this week to dive into his personal life, and let Godless release his inner fanboy upon him. We talk about the new album Clairvoyant, whether the fans are correct to think the singles released represent the rest of the record, how this process of writing differed from writing his first album with the band, finding a girlfriend and being convinced to move to the ‘South’ from the wilderness of Maine, how his writing style contradicts that of his bandmates, but compliments them at the same time, plus plenty more.

Chuck and Godless try to avoid talking about Nazis, by talking about Nazis, farts and Mastodon. It may seem completely insane, and it really is, but they know that so many people have been suffocating under the wave of crappy news, bigotry and hatred that a good story about farts was inevitable. Then Mastodon releasing another album in less than a year? Is this a trend? Or just a better idea than releasing a double album that no one will ever listen to? The consumption of music has drastically changed; it may not make sense to even release a record any more, singles, singles, singles!

Another new Episode of TMP!

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