The Metal Podcast Episode #32 – Thy Art is Murder

CJ McMahon lead singer of Thy Art is Murder guests this week on the podcast, and in our extremely NSFW interview a challenge was presented to ask anything, and Godless cannot resist a challenge of that nature. We talk about his recent marriage, trying to have babies, his porn habits and how they have changed, ultimate fantasies, his bout with anger and drug addiction, how that led to his quitting the band, then ultimately rejoining the band and how the new album came from a different place than the previous three. We talk about making money, all the ways he keeps himself occupied on the road, giving singing lessons and putting his thoughts down in podcast form.

Chuck and Godless also try and figure out how long they go without bathing on a regular basis, if you spouse is not around to smell you, whether or not you really need to keep yourself clean. Then Metallica’s concert tour is over, they made a ton of money, or at least it appears that way, but Chuck noticed that they didn’t really sell out a single show on the tour dates, could the $155 ticket price be holding true metal fans back from buying into Metallica shows? If they lowered the pricing, would it effect how well they sold their shows or not?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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