The Metal Podcast Episode #33 – Metal Missionaries

Metal Missionaries documentarian Bruce Moore decided, for some reason, it might be a good idea to try and defend Christian Metal to our own host Godless, and in our conversation we talk about the documentary that explores some of the inner workings of the Christian metal scene, the bands, their belief systems and ideology. We attempt to figure out who the target audience for the film really would be, and if the average metalhead would be convinced to like Christian metal , but then of course Godless has to take Bruce to task on the idea Christian music’s positive message is really positive given what it may stand for, whether original sin should guide anyone’s belief system and we just keep going down the rabbit hole.

We talk about the devastation in Chuck’s home state of Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Godless tries to lighten the mood, but of course it’s way too soon for any of that. Chuck and Godless also discuss the pending trial in the case of Warner Brothers Records versus Avenged Sevenfold, how it could possibly impact the rest of the music industry even though the ‘seven year rule’ is a California statute a verdict one way or the other might have a ripple effect with long term contracts with artists.

Another new Episode of TMP!

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