The Metal Podcast Episode #34 – Trevor Strnad

Trevor Strnad vocalist of the mighty Black Dahlia Murder guests on the podcast this week, our conversation, per usual, goes all over the place, we talk about the new album Nightbringers, their most recent lineup change, losing a guitarist and how the replacement effected the creative process, what his personal life has changed through the years, the decision not to settle down and keep touring, whether there is clean singing on the new record, his take on bands changing their sound (i.e. Suicide Silence) and why BDM will never change their core sound, his connection with metal and history of coming into their own as a band. You also get the meaning behind the band’s name, but we totally didn’t ask that question!

Chuck and Godless also talk about Tim Lambesis making new music and whether we should consume it, some people may take issue with the fact that he was convicted for conspiring to have his wife murdered, but most probably will not, should they? His debt to society has been paid, time in Jail spent, and will the public at large carry a grudge? Will he find Jesus again and turn this into a redemption story? So many possibilities with no clear answer to be had.

Another new Episode of TMP!

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