The Metal Podcast Episode #35 – Toothgrinder

Justin Matthews, singer of Toothgrinder guests this week, and we got a sneak squeak of the new album called Phantom Amour. Godless had a crush on him before because of his hair and muscles, but now it appears his music really set it off! The new record defies what any fan might expect from a sophomore album, instead of blazing a path in the same direction that got them on all the ‘Best of’ lists last year, they take a distinct left turn from where they were headed. We talk about the process of determining what kind of band you will be, experimental, existential, unequivocal or unacceptable, Justin worries about how the fans will react, but seems enamored with the new found life they have given the band, his singing lessons are now paying off, and it could only get better from here! We discover more about him, his personal life, how many girls are too many, his struggle with alcohol and how that effects touring and daily life, and get an insight into the rock & roll lifestyle of a singer on break at his daytime job talking to two idiots on a podcast.

We also cannot ignore the story that has all of metal talking, from Nergal to your sister’s emocore boyfriend, Decapitated and their alleged kidnap and raping of a fan after one of their shows in Washington. Not passing judgment either way, innocent until proven guilty and all that comes with it, but it isn’t looking good for four Polish nationals in a Los Angeles Jail. It is a serious issue, with serious consequences, and something we should all be thinking about, whether at shows, festivals, the grocery store or your mom’s house, women are treated unfairly and we men need to be put on notice, or do we? Is it time women stand up and take responsibility for the situations they  put themselves in? two old guys discuss.

Another new Episode of TMP!

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