The Metal Podcast Episode #36 – August Burns Red

Jake Luhrs, lead singer of metalcore outfit August Burns Red, guests this week on the podcast and we get into a great conversation about his choices when writing lyrics for song, how he doesn’t want to just bring the heavy topics to his fans, balancing the dark and light, using his life experiences in those lyrics, going through a divorce, what that meant to him and his music, how he has dealt with the loss and realized where he needed to change and adjust, we find out he is a dog person and why his new pup may abandon him, we talk the new record, sex problems, maturing while being in a band and what that means and why August Burns Red really wants to be on Family Feud.

Chuck and Godless examine the recent backstab on Carnifex where they found one of their old catalog songs being used in a commercial for Virgin Trains. It might be within a labels legal right and ownership to sell a song for the use in a commercial, but without notifying the band, seeking any permission, seems like a dick move. Ultimately though, are they in the wrong legally? Is there any recourse for the band? What should bands do to avoid this type of thing happening to them in the future? Why did Carnifex seem more upset with the idea of being compared to someone’s bad commute than their crappy contract they signed?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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