The Metal Podcast Episode #37 – Paul Mazurkiewicz

Paul Mazurkiewicz, drummer for Cannibal Corpse guests this week on the heels of the release of their first new single in three years. The announcement of Red Before Black the new record coming in November marks the 14th full album from the legendary death metal stalwarts and we had the chance to pick Paul’s brain about a variety of topics, his opinion on that legendary status, where he sees Cannibal Corpse in the history of metal, writing songs in the style of the band, what the movement away from misogynistic and violent lyrics against women has been purposeful, what he thinks of the SJW movement in that respect, his vegetarian lifestyle, how his daughter changed her mind about it, and that damn rooster that keeps crowing in the background.

Godless got hit by a car. Somehow he came through it without a scratch, and we talk about CJ McMahon getting his stage clothes stolen from outside their tour rig, and we wonder who the hell wants a bands used stage clothes? If it was a leather jacket donned by Rob Halford, or James Hetfield’s leather boots maybe, but an Aussie’s tighty whiteys? There is just something wrong with that, and of course we wonder what bands should be wearing on stage in today’s metal world, the costume seems to be all over the place is there a right and wrong way to express your individuality on stage?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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