The Metal Podcast Episode #38 – Zao

Scott Mellinger of the metalcore band Zao guests this week with us, and to our surprise, we have taken the “Christian” moniker off their name when speaking of the band. We discuss what that means now, as well as when they were beginning, changing their fanbase over the years, how it may or may not shape their future and what it’s like being the odd band out when lumped in with other religious acts of their era. We explore the wild history of the band, coming to terms with shaping their home lives around the band and vice versa, growing away from religion and raising kids in that environment, keeping toys and other keepsakes around the house just for the memories, his take on As I Lay Dying and Tim Lambesis thinking of restarting the band and so much more!

We dive into the Meeting of the Moms this week, which amounted to pretty much a couple of tears, but really just another day at the Chuck household, plus Marilyn Manson takes a spill and cancels shows. The video shows a slow motion prop piece falling on to a relatively motionless Manson already, did he really get hurt? Is it a ploy to get better drugs from a doctor? Is he just tired of touring? Do we need to keep an eye on him and hope he doesn’t go all Michael Jackson on us? We speculate, but only time will tell.

Another new Episode of TMP!

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