The Metal Podcast Episode #39 – Barney Greenway

Mark “Barney” Greenway of the mighty Napalm Death checks in with us this week, we have talked to him for an extended interview at our old home, but with Barney we can always have a great conversation. He had recently won an award from Metal Hammer Germany, being named a Legend, he explains why that isn’t the case, we get the status of the band and all its members including Mitch Harris, who has been absent from recent tours and find out his current status, where they are with recording new material, touring Europe, and more. What we really wanted his advice on though was the current state of affairs with racism and fascism showing its ugly face in the USA recently, is it Ok to punch a Nazi? What are the best ways to combat this epidemic from a global perspective, or so we let it go and keep the light on it as much as we can? We talk it through and discuss the importance of their donating funds to the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center, we follow the rabbit way down this hole.

We are back form a week off, Godless needed a vacation that didn’t really relax him, since he is always wound up about something. He didn’t however sit and think only about the show this time (too bad). We also discuss the recent lawsuit filed by Ozzfest against OZY Fest, which on the surface might appear like it could be a conflict of some kind. The names start with “OZ” and end with “Fest” but that appears to be the only similarities overall. Ozzfest features metal bands of today, tomorrow and some washed up dudes too, and OZY Fest features Ru Paul, Katie Couric and Ted Talks. Makes sense that a guy in his biker denim flew to NY and got his life coached instead of headbanging to Ozzy. ¬†Definitely the court should be able to figure out which is which, but most judges still thing Ozzy’s on trial for kids committing suicide or biting a head off a live animal.

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