The Metal Podcast Episode #4 – Tosin Abasi

Tosin Abasi, guitarist of Animals As Leaders, guests this week, and in our interview we talk about his personal life, dig into his relationship with his parents and how it has changed over the years of successful playing, his relationships with his brother, where he stands on his own personal connection to guitar and how he is effected by an internal drive to do things better than anyone else.

We can’t avoid talking about the inauguration and how the butt hurt is flowing right now from the left, and whether it is whining or if there is actual pain being felt on the blue side, and Godless gives the international perspective.

Plus we try and figure out why James Hetfield would want to voice a documentary about porn addiction. We debate whether there is even such a thing as Porn addiction, how someone whose lived through metal being brandished as the cause for delinquency now turning to a form of entertainment and blaming it for peoples issues. Or is he? Is it just a job?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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