The Metal Podcast Episode #40 – Butcher Babies

Heidi Shepherd, one half of the vocal spot for the Butcher Babies, guests this week and we hit the ground running in this interview. We had spoken to them years ago at a stop here in Texas and we picked up with a tid bit she dropped after the microphones were turned off. She delves into her history with the Mormon church, she was raised Mormon and even married once for less than a year before moving to Los Angeles to become a morning host on Playboy radio, her struggle with leaving is quite the story and it inspired many of her sibling to do the same. We hear her speak about the abuse she sang about on the last album in more detail, how writing it down and singing about it became her personal therapy session, finding here creativity when her parents couldn’t support her, and how they fit into her life now. We ask about the statements made by Otep earlier this year, what that meant, if it was real and what her response would be and so much more!

We also take a look at the winner of the Loudwire Awards show from last week, and try to decide who the hell is picking out these winners. There was an article about how little the Avenged Sevenfold album sold, and they take the best Metal Album nod, seems rather counter-intuitive. We wonder if the ‘mainstream’ metal world gets it, or are the circles we run in just too tight we are closed minded to the things the masses enjoy and don’t give them a chance? Power Trip and Gojira are cool, but A7X and Linkin Park are not? Who are we to judge, The Metal Podcast, that’s who!

Another new Episode of TMP!

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