The Metal Podcast Episode #41 – Through the Eyes of the Dead

Justin Longshore, founding member and guitarist for Through the Eyes of the Dead guests this week, and we talk about the bands history with so many ex-members, the non-hiatus that was sort of a hiatus and needing a break from the industry after being such a tour driven band. We discuss his life changing year so far, recently married, he has a child due in December, an new record with the band, a touring schedule coming up in the new year, it all makes for one hell of a 2017. We also ask ‘Death Metal’ versions of some questions about the worst past members of the band, the band who they never need to tour with again, whether he respects life and the rebel flag, this one is kind of strange, but you will enjoy!

We also discuss the new weight loss program Chuck is about to embark upon, attempting to drop 1/3 of his excess weight in four or so months, and some behind the scenes stuff with how radio and industry works. Chuck runs a radio show, NO CONTROL Radio, and the HD Channel associated with it and for some reason Godless forgot that there might actually be some legitimate things that he does every week regarding new music, charting songs and how it all relates to the industry at large.

Another new Episode of TMP!

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