The Metal Podcast Episode #42 – Spencer Sotelo

Spencer Sotelo, lead singer of Periphery, recently launched a solo project called Endur and let’s just say it strays from the path the band had gone before in many ways, but in others you can hear where the creative force he brings to the group spread out for you to examine on American Parasite. When faced with the opportunity to we couldn’t resist getting to the root of the direction he is going, its relationship to Periphery, whether the new sound will shape things to come with the band, whether he has held things back prior to this release and how it might seems unnatural, but it isn’t. We catch him right before their current tour kicked off in Ohio, he just left his new bride for the tour, we talk about married life (although he’d been married like a week), his in-laws, his relationship, we dove into the touring life and the departure of Adam “Nolly” Getgood, how he has left the band, but really hasn’t left the band, he is technically still on tour with them!

Instead of tearing into one news story about an old metal dude getting pissy about what cell phones do in 2017, we look at the overarching idea that some of the old guard may have their head up their collective asses about how the world works. When you reach a certain point in your career (when you have eff you money) people in your circle stop giving you the same perspective and kissing your ass, could that be the fuel behind screwing your fans over for downloading free music on Napster? Not caring that you are kicking out paying customers to your show? Or milking your fans for more money even though you said ‘no more tours’ in 25 years ago? Or thinking that people really want to hear that new song, not the hits from 20 years ago? Are the old guard metal patriarchs yelling at the proverbial kids to get off their lawn?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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