The Metal Podcast Episode #43 – Asking Alexandria

Ben Bruce, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for Asking Alexandria guests this week, he is the proud father of a brand new baby, has a new record in the works, is starring in the new ‘metal’ movie American Satan and takes his time out to partake in an interesting conversation with us about everything! We talk about his youth, growing up in Dubai, his family life as a kid, getting arrested, rebelling, his parents strange relationship, how fooling around in Iowa almost landed him in handcuffs, trashing hotel rooms, and why he may not want to go to Hawaii any time soon. We also discuss the return of his founding bandmate Danny Worsnop, why his departure happened in the first place, how retaking the front spot for the band changed the way they did the album, how maturing as a person allowed them to regain friendship and solve their issues and what it means for the band as they are about to debut their self-titled album.

We also talk more about the diet rabbit hole and how sacrificing the diet to save a dog may happen in the near future. Seriously though, we talk about the recent allegations regarding sexual harassment, misconduct, rape, and more with regard to the metal community. These things have been hinted at by many women in our sphere of the music industry for years, being viewed by many as simply misogyny built into the system by the women who have worked in it for so long, but now many are stepping forth to talk about their experiences with different individuals in bands like Suicide Silence, We Came as Romans, Pierce the Veil and Slaves to name a few and we examine what that means, not only for the industry, but the bands, the fans and the victims. We do know that there are probably more stories and people who will be outed, so what will that mean for us (the royal us) as we try and repair the damage to our community that has been happening for so long, but been swept under the rug?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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