The Metal Podcast Episode #44 – Morbid Angel

Steve Tucker, growler and bassist for Morbid Angel, guests this week on the podcast, and we talk about his family background, how he has been able to overcome his history and take his place in the death metal lexicon. He has come and gone from Morbid Angel once before, but this time seems to be the way forward for the band, he addresses the naysayers about the rightful lead singer of the band, talk about the cult of Morbid, his journey to get to this point, living in rural America versus the fast pace of the big city, growing up gifted and exposed to all kinds of culture although his parents were teenagers when he was born, his father’s time behind bars and how that shaped him as well as a variety of other topics too. We could have spent way more time picking his brain!

We talk about Chuck’s unplanned and planned tragedies over the Thanksgiving holiday, getting stuck at the hospital for hours and hours while only thinking of what he could eat on his diet. Plus we address the recent addition of the “Roadie for a Day” item to the list of possible ways for a band to make money. Suicide Silence added this to their merch store and we decide whether the innovation is a revolutionary way to make money, or a way to get people to pay you carry you gear at a show. There seem to be a quite a bit of innovation nowadays in the way bands monetize things and this could be the way of the future, cutting cost of touring by having your fans work for you!

Another new Episode of TMP!

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