The Metal Podcast Episode #45 – Entheos

Chaney Crabb lead singer of the tech-death outfit Entheos guests this week on the podcast, and we talk about the band’s new album Dark Future, how the making of and release signify a step forward from being a ‘supergroup’ to finally being and sounding like the band the envisioned, the process of recording, the moments she will remember the most about the inception of the band, from conception to present day, how her relationship within the metal scene has grown and what those relationships mean to her. We talk about her childhood, growing up discovering metal, the touring life and how she needs to call her mom a lot more than she does right now.

We also talk more diet stuff, Chuck with no cheese is not a fun Chuck and that translates to a low energy period for him, it’s noticeable. We also talk about Serj Tankian not wanting to sing anymore and how our heroes of bands old need to just do what we want them to do. Just make records that sound like their old albums and dance monkeys! Or should we accept that the by-gone days are just that, gone. Once a band breaks up or changes we should accept it and move on.

Another new Episode of TMP!

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