The Metal Podcast Episode #47

It is the dawn of a new day for The Metal Podcast, we are changing the way we deliver things to you for the foreseeable future, or at least as long as we can keep up this schedule and see how it works. We will still be bringing you the great interviews we are known for, but pulling apart the other pieces to make the length a little more digestible. So the late in the week podcast will contain our topics and discussion with a little preview of the interviews that will be posted in their entirety on Mondays. It was a pretty easy decision to do the split, the toughest part was figuring out how to number them!

This week on our Thursday podcast we talk about the 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise and Decapitated being acquitted of the charges against them in Washington. Godless is missing this year’s installment of the cruise and is now regretting the decision as we get within spitting distance of departure. We talk about the accusations against Decapitated and what that means not only for them, but also for the industry, the victims and the world as we move forward in a time where due process can be limited and judgment passed in the media not the courts.

Hopefully you enjoy the new structure, you can always let us know what you think chuckandgodless (at)

Another new Episode of TMP!

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