The Metal Podcast Episode #51

This week we discuss the impending end of Slayer, and the subsequent call for the reunion tour. Let it be known that bets are already being taken on how long this transition will take for them to reunite and tour again. We discuss what it means for the band, metal, and so on as one of the anchors of the genre decides to call it quits.

You get a little taste of our interview with Mike Portnoy coming out next week, his new project Sons of Apollo has their debut album out and not only is it pretty good, but it also features an ex-Dream Theater member. In this clip you hear him talk about discussing the making of the album and how he will NEVER make an ‘internet’ album!

Godless discovered the Google Play interface on his Google Home device and now doesn’t need anyone to give him musical suggestions, it all comes from Google, while Chuck lives in the dark ages afraid of Big Brother listening to him masturbate while crying. So many new ways to discover music, stream music and play music, what are the best options in 2018?

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