The Metal Podcast Episode #56

With a roar not a whimper, we came into this world screaming and crying, we should go out the same way?actually, not the case. This is the final episode of The Metal Podcast, it has been with great appreciation that we have sustained such a long and beautiful tenure as your favorite source for metal interviews, but it has now come to an end. I know there will be much sadness and great anger, but we cut you loose from the weekly burden of listening to excellent interviews and our metal nerd rage. Whether you listened to Vision From the Darkside, The Metal Sucks Podcast or The Metal Podcast, we appreciate all you have done for us, our direct supporters, our media network, and everyone who we forget to thank, thank you! It has been a great run, and I am sure you will hear us again in another form!

Listen to Chuck, and his radio show

@BeardedApe on Twitter and  @nocontrolradio onSoundcloud

Catch up with Godless @godlessSpeaks on twitter

Thank you all!

Another new Episode of TMP!

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