The Metal Podcast Episode #6 – Dez Fafara

Dez Fafara guests this week on the podcast, and we have talked to him before, several times actually and talked at length about so many personal things, that this time as they are about to begin the Bound by the Road tour with Death Angel and Winds of Plague, we decided to do our interview a little different than normal. For one, Godless was en route to the 70000 Tons ship, so I talked to him solo, and picked his brain about some topics that we had been talking about recently. The usage of cell phones at concerts and Corey Taylor getting called out about it, the endorsement of products and things that you may or may not use such as a recovering alcoholic selling beer with the bands brand on it, and one I plucked from twitter, Dez talks at length about veganism and the decline of the modern circus and treatment of animals.

We recorded the show on the Independence of the Seas while on the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise, so our audio may sound a little different, but we also drop a few headlines from the interviews we took on the ship:

  • Suffocation give us the title and release date of their 10th studio¬†release
  • Josh Elmore of Cattle Decapitation explains his singers missed appearance on the cruise
  • Members of Amorphis are happy to be off their label and are in the hunt for a new home now

Of course we couldn’t not talk about the young lady who got her jaw kicked in at a Code Orange show and why mosh pit safety is important, steel toe boots are required wear for many, but the use of insane karate moves may make you feel cool, however you just need to stop now, even just so you don’t hospitalize a fellow concert goer.

Another new Episode of TMP!

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