The Metal Podcast Episode #23 – The Acacia Strain

Vincent Bennett the growler behind the mic for The Acacia Strain guests this week, in our candid conversation, we got a few things wrong, but it led to a very interesting journey into the mind of a lead singer who takes himself to task about almost everything. We talk about the new record, but quickly dive into our porn habits, divorce and dating, being a loner who only wants to be a kid, while having to be an adult when it counts, how that shapes his interactions with fans and friends, how one interaction with a band made him introspective about the way he reacts to those who place him on a pedestal.

We also talk about Chuck’s impending trip to see his bio-parents for the first time, he leaves this week, and is freaking out about everything except meeting his family, and we also talk about Corey Taylor possibly oversharing about his abuse as a child. He sees it as a way to connect with people and help others, is it really? Once you get to a certain point in your career can you go recluse and not answer the tough questions, or talk about sensitive issues? Or is it your duty to do so for those you might be able to influence and keep from following a dark path?

Another new Episode of TMP!

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